Stay in “The Zone” longer with Nitro Xtreme before the game.


“I am impressed by how well the Kyäni products worked together. I take a Sunrise™ pouch in the morning, giving me the recommended amount of nutrition the body needs to provide me with energy for long practices and long days. Kyäni Sunset™ really worked on my body, making me feel restored from practices and games when inflammation builds. I also slept better at night and woke up feeling energized like I had slept for ten hours, when I had only slept for six.

“Later in the season I started experiencing slow starts to games. I took the Nitro Xtreme™ 10-15 minutes before the game and the results were remarkable! Not only did it give me the jump start I needed for the first quarter, but it also gave me better focus throughout the whole game and allowed me to stay in what athletes call “the zone” longer!”

— Elijah Millsap, NBA D-League All Star