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Archive for May 2016

New Free Dive Depth and Time Record

“The product that really helped me that had a big effect on me was the Nitro Xtreme™. After I started taking Xtreme™, first of all I could train a lot more—I could train everyday—which [free divers] don’t do. And my legs were very fresh. Of course when we go down we go very deep without…

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Stay in “The Zone” longer with Nitro Xtreme before the game.

“I am impressed by how well the Kyäni products worked together. I take a Sunrise™ pouch in the morning, giving me the recommended amount of nutrition the body needs to provide me with energy for long practices and long days. Kyäni Sunset™ really worked on my body, making me feel restored from practices and games…

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I could lift more weight than ever.

“I have actively been doing sports my whole life. For the last 10 years I have been fitness training 4-5 times a week. I work in a fitness center as a personal trainer and I also hold trainings in a fight club where I often get involved in the action. When I started using Kyäni…

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Now I Can Train Every Day. I’m Fresh. No Lactic Buildup.

World champion free diver since 2010, Jesper Stechman, dives 100 meters with the help of Kyani all natural products. For years he battled with blackouts, lactic acid buildup and lack of oxygen. Since 2009 he had been attempting to reach 100 meters. Then, just 3 months after being introduced to Kyani, Jepser got the edge…

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I have achieved numerous national and international records.

“I started to do speed skating when I was 10 years old. Since then I have achieved numerous national and international records and became a member of the Hungarian National Team. “Since I was a child I’ve tried different food supplements and I had a hard time [building them into my diet]. That’s different with…

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