New Free Dive Depth and Time Record


“The product that really helped me that had a big effect on me was the Nitro Xtreme™. After I started taking Xtreme™, first of all I could train a lot more—I could train everyday—which [free divers] don’t do. And my legs were very fresh. Of course when we go down we go very deep without extra oxygen so at a certain point you run out of oxygen or you get a lot of lactic acid in your legs. After I started on the products, first of all I could train a lot more, I also didn’t get lactic on the way up. Normally I got lactic at around maybe 70 meters back to the surface but now I’m just swimming like a fish. This is what I do. This is what I love… for me, the world has opened [with Kyäni].”

Jesper Stechmann, World Champion Free Diver